Why Your Biggest Competition Isn’t Found In Your Niche

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Let’s say you’re an e-commerce brand.

Selling socks.

Just plain old socks.

They’re made of quality materials.

They’re comfy.

And your customers love them.


You’re struggling to promote them.

Your social ads are expensive and the conversion percentage is keeping you up at night.

You wonder:

“Why am I not selling more? Why is it so dang hard to get people to click on my ads? The product is good, I know it!”

The answer?

It’s because you’re not competing with your traditional competition.

Ie. other companies that sell socks online.

You are competing for attention.

Your competitors?

Instagram models.

TikTok influencers.

YouTube compilations of funny fails.

WhatsApp messages.

LinkedIn feeds.



And so on.

All a couple of clicks away, at any time.

Why should anyone watch your social ad about socks instead of checking their WhatsApp messages? Starting their PS5? Putting on an episode of The Office?

Those are the questions you should ask yourself.

Is this ad disrupting enough to win the attention war?

If it’s not, then you can expect low conversion rates.

If you manage to break through the noise, then you’ll see it in your sales as well.

Your competition is not your competition.

Mats Liljeström
Mats Liljeström

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