The B2B Copywriting Podcast

The B2B Copywriting Podcast is live!

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If the title of the podcast didn’t give it away (🙂), this show is all about B2B copywriting:

  • Episode 001 was all about copywriting exercises (if you wanna “git gud” at copywriting, listen to this)
  • Episode 002 was all about the 8-letter word that makes or breaks your copy (listen to this and you fall into this common rookie copywriting trap)
  • Episode 003 was all about copywriting, and why it ISN’T creative work (another false belief even seasoned copywriters have)
  • Episode 004 was all about email welcome sequences and why they’re important (this one is also jam-packed with examples and ideas for emails)

The B2B Copywriting Podcast airs 2x/week and covers everything you need to become a rockstar B2B copywriter.

These are things I’ve picked up over the years, through testing, reading, failing way more than anyone should, and learning from said failures. ✌

I’m aiming for each episode to be around 15-30 minutes long. Great for a commute, a walk in the park, your lunch break, or whenever you feel like developing your copywriting and marketing skill set.

Created by Mats Liljeström, AKA The B2B Copywriter AKA the person in charge of the show and, AKA me. 🙂

If you want to be on the show as a guest, hit me up on Twitter.

Show notes for the podcasts will always be in the format followed by the episode number. For the shownotes of the first ever episode, go to For show notes for episode 2, you guessed it, go to And so on, and so on.

Now, stop reading this and start listening!