I first started writing copy in 2014-2015, helping out people on a business forum to write copy for their landing and product pages. The copy was horrible. None of the businesses are around anymore. The business owners? Most likely cursing my name.

But me? I kept going, working, and improving. 🙂

9 years later, I’ve freelanced for businesses and organizations on 5 continents, promoting everything from trauma cleanup services to roofing contractors, dental clinics, all kinds of e-commerce businesses, virtual conferences and casinos.

Some of the collateral I’ve created, in no particular order:

Newsletter emails; landing pages in all shapes and forms; cold call scripts; cold email and LinkedIn scripts; blog posts; guides and downloadable content; conversion rate optimization services; podcast episodes; demo videos and video material in general; various website pages such as this one.

If you’re wondering what this site is all about, it started as an experiment to learn to use WordPress, then morphed into a CV/portfolio page, before eventually becoming an SEO experiment and playground (which it still is today).

On this site I write about marketing-related topics that often go unmentioned online.

I also have a podcast called The B2B Copywriting Podcast where I dive into various topics around copywriting and persuasive marketing.

I work, write and create in three languages: English, Swedish and Finnish.

If you have a project in mind that you could use my help with, let me know through this form.

All the best,

Free copywriting tip: Write outside or somewhere peaceful if you can like me in this picture. Does wonders for your concentration.