great email from Ted Lasso

Original Email Subject Line:
great email from Ted Lasso
July 26th 2021

Enable images or this won’t make much sense.

Here’s a great email from Apple TV promoting the 2nd season of Ted Lasso.

I love it.

Great Email From Ted Lasso

– Structured like it’s from the main character in the show.

– Plain-text. No silly images that would ruin the fun feeling that you’re getting an email from the coach.

– Signature looking very believable as well. Not that I’ve gotten many emails from soccer coaches in the English Premier League…

All in all, great email.

– Mats

P.S. If Apple TV can do this to promote a new season of a TV show, you can do find a way to do this for your business. Buh-lieve me.

*End of email*

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