the WIERD fact about email marketing (typo intended)

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Here are two silly email marketing facts
you are not going to

They are so FREAKY that you’re not gonna… ah screw it here they are:

1. Correct grammar isn’t that important in email
2. The best campaign you’ll ever send might be the one you wrote while on your phone.


“Are you saying I should write like a 10-year-old on Xbox Live? Greeeeat tip dude”

Nah, that’s not exactly what I’m saying.

But you’re not far off.

The key is to write as if you JUST heard of or saw something, and you HAD to share this with your followers.

Because you CARE about them.

Because they NEED this information.

Because why else would you write a 5-line email in broken grammar? ????


At the end of the day, it’s all about standing out.

And the easiest way to stand out is by… writing in a way nobody else does.

And lastly, if you feel like an email campaign with bad grammar is too much for your list, you can always try the light version:

Don’t capitalize your subject lines.

Why do that? Because the whole point of good email marketing is to sound personable and like one of the reader’s friends.

Do friends capitalize their email subject lines…?

Of course not. Why would they? ????


Until tomorrow,

Mats “Finally Has An Excuse For His Poor Grammar” Liljeström

Mats Liljeström
Mats Liljeström

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