why resending old emails is fine

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why resending old emails is fine
07th August 2021

If you’re subscribed to a number of newsletters…

You might have noticed that they send the same emails to you again and again.

Not every day-

or even every month.

But often enough that an eagle-eyed viewer…

like yourself ????

would notice.

This is totally fine.

Because you need to re-read things to understand and identify with them.

And if you have an average open rate of, say, 25%.

And you email every other day.

It won’t be the same 25% opening your emails!

So in other words…

It’s almost better to keep resending your content.

Because if you truly believe that your emails are helpful and valuable?

It’s your duty to help your subscribers out.

And sometimes you can even ask your subscribers to help you out.

You could, for instance…

ask them to share a referral link with their friends.

This link:

When a friend signs up, they win a shoutout in an upcoming email.

That’s something you could do. ????

Have a fun and fearless Fri– wait it’s Saturday…

Have a serene and superb Sat.

I’ll see ya tomorrah


*End of email*

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