The (incorrect) marketing study that stunned the world

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Do what Don Draper doesn’t
17th August 2021

Yesterday I filmed a quick vid on HTML vs text emails…

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In the middle of filming I spotted a giant bird, completely distracting me.

It looked very close to this:

But bigger.


(I just Googled ‘prehistoric scary birds’ to get that pic. ????)


This scene reminded me of that famous study.

“Humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish do” ????

8 seconds vs 9.

This caused sensational headlines in



and… probably… email marketing newsletters.


But it’s all bs.


The initial study never said that humans have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish.

But some people still ran with that story.

And at that point the floodgates had already opened.

Social media went nuts.
(I assume. This was in like 2015. I wasn’t paying attention. ????)


“Cool trivia Mats but this newsletter should be about emails!! I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!!”*

My sincerest apologies dear imaginary reader.

This tidbit of information is actually relevant to email marketers.


Science is a liar (sometimes).*

While it’s true that the competition for your attention is fiercer than ever, a piece that is of value to you will always hold your attention.

Do you stop watching your fav movie every 9 seconds?
What about when you’re driving on the freeway?
Or when you’re reading your favorite email marketing newsletter? (lmao)


I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a refreshhing Saturday.

Mats “have you noticed the cabin fever setting in?” Liljeström

P.S. Didn’t see the video?

Here’s the link:

*Yes that’s from IASIP. ????

*End of email*

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