Climb a snow-covered mountain in converses (the golden rule of email marketing)

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Climb a snow-covered mountain in converses (the golden rule of email marketing)
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13th September 2021

Rained like hell yesterday.

So instead of doing something productive

Like for instance filming video #3 in my top-secret special course– I mean project top-secret special project. Damn typos.

I binge-watched a random YT channel.

It’s about an Englishman who solo travels around the world.

No, not the bald guy.

He’s only got about 20k subscribers.

And he’s easily my fav channel right now.


The editing.

The storytelling.

And the obvious passion for traveling.

After 3 seconds you’re either hooked or you’ve moved on.

In the first video that I watched he’s completely alone somewhere in Tajikistan.

In some mountain range.

During a snowstorm.

And this guy is just casually strolling around in his converses.

And herein lies the email marketing lesson.

There’s no “best practice” bs going on.

No exaggerated thumbnails.

No drone shots accompanied by Epidemic Sound licensed background music.

The vids are distinctly different.

The passion for traveling is apparent from the get-go.

Wanna succeed on YT?

Be passionate.

Be different

Same goes for emails.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s fine to be inspired by big names in the industry.

But ya can’t be a copycat.

It’s ok to be inspired.

It’s less ok to steal.

Something to think about when you’re planning your next campaign. 

Are you following best practices?


Venturing off the beaten path?

Are you following everybody else’s move before acting?


Climbing snowy mountains in sneakers?

Until next time,

Mats “I’m not like the other gir– email marketers” Liljeström

P.S. If you want to check out the YouTuber, here’s a link to his channel.

*End of email*

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