[Email Quick Tip] March 2021 Week 3

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Email marketing is a game.

A game with limitless options and “victory conditions”.

The only goal? To increase conversions.

And how you do that is entirely up to you…

Yet most businesses settle for the simplest flows and
call it a day.

Abandoned cart flows? Send an automated “return to cart”

Newsletter? “Why would we do that, we’re supposed to sell,
not entertain.”

Now, we’ve all been ingrained with KISS-thinking. And in a way,
it’s still a beneficial mindset in email marketing.

But for email flows? No. Just… no.

If you can create an abandoned cart SEQUENCE instead of just
one email, stats show you’ll be more successful on average.

There’s also another issue here which I have to talk about in another

It’s got to do with discounts… And it’s what kills more email lists than
anything else…

I’ll talk about it next week…

Anyhow, back to today’s topic.

Much like in poker, you’ll only get so far by playing a bit in the beginning
and then folding the rest of your hands…

But that’s not the email marketing way. The email marketing way is to
never fold!

Only with abandoned cart sequences, your possibilities are endless.
(I talk more about this in my free email marketing mini-course…)

If you’re in e-commerce, here’s what you should do:

Start the sequence with a normal “you forgot something in your cart”
email. Add some reviews of that particular product to boot
and you’re good to go.

Next email in the sequence, use one spellbinding customer story
that shows the benefits of the product.

If the cart is still abandoned, give a coupon code in the third email.
Also, add a countdown timer to the email, letting the customer know
the coupon will work only a short time.

In the fourth and last email in the sequence, let them know the coupon
is expiring in 24 hours. Summarize the benefits again (exactly how
depends on the product).

This is MUCH more powerful than just a single email notifying them
of their cart.

And it doesn’t take that much longer to do…

That’s the free tip for today.

Mats “never-folds-in-poker” Liljeström

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