Email Marketing Advice From The Beatles

The Beatles would’ve been great at email marketing.

“Huh? Emails weren’t even around back then…”

Yea I know. Bear with me.

Everyone and their grandma knows the Beatles.

But few people know their story…

Before they were big, they often gigged in Hamburg, Germany…

For years, actually.

Not in big stadiums…

Or even clubs.

They played in all kinds of weird places, mostly as background music.

And this is what made them so good.

Because in these places, they couldn’t play for 1 hour and call it a night.
(Like they used to do back home in Liverpool).

They played from the early evening to closing time.
A1 in the morning.
(When their fame grew, they played even longer.)

And this is what author Malcolm Gladwell says made them the biggest hit in the music industry since Mozart.

They played more together in one month than many bands nowadays play in their whole lifetime.

They HAD to innovate.

They COULDN’T rely on their hits.

They NEEDED to come up with new material.

Otherwise they risked just playing their same songs again during the same performance.

And the club managers wouldn’t have liked that.

Pretty eye-opening stuff, huh?

And this is why the Beatles would have killed it at email marketing.

They forced themselves to work on their skillsets for up to ten hours in a single performance.

They weren’t lazy. 

They kept coming up with new stuff.

And I have a funny feeling they loved every second of it.

These are the four mindsets you need to have if you ever want to succeed in email marketing.

Or business. Or writing. Or anything else that’s worth pursuing.

But of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of email marketing and copywriting.

Mindset is important, but you also need the right tools and experience.

This Copyhackers article is a great starting point for email marketing.

And for copywriting? Articles usually don’t really cut it… better to buy a couple of great copywriting books and study them, instead of focusing on copywriting blog posts that just regurgitate the same lessons.

So which books?

  • Scientific Advertising by Hopkins
  • Influence by Cialdini
  • Great Leads by Masterson
  • Tested advertising methods by Caples

But remember…

Without the right mindset these books won’t help you at all.

You need to be like John, Paul, George and Ringo, and actually do the work.

Reading the books above is akin to buying and tuning a guitar.

It won’t do you anything unless you actually pick it up and start playing.

So start.


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Mats Liljeström
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